TEDxRiga stage

TEDxRiga 2017: ticket sales launched

TEDxRiga 2017 will take place on Friday, June 16 at Splendid Palace in Riga, Latvia. Learn more about the event and get your ticket at 2017.tedxriga.com.

/ April 4, 2017
Stereotyping gender — how is this still a thing? Linda Curika at TEDxRiga

Stereotyping gender — how is this still a thing?

Gender stereotypes in media are capable of driving a sane person insane; yet still they persist. Is fighting stereotypes head-on hopeless? Linda is one of the first and most recognizable Latvian feminists. For more than 10 years she has observed...

/ June 17, 2016
Dialogue as partnership: Lena Hercberga at TEDxRiga

Dialogue as partnership

Lena addresses people within corporations, social entrepreneurs to open up for a dialogue. She insists that building cross-sector social innovation is the only way to build a strong world. What can we learn from the changing relationship between the big...

/ June 17, 2016
Would you be ready to host a refugee?
When looking for certainty, beware of experts

When looking for certainty, beware of experts

As a professor of psychology, Ivars Austers knows well how biased is our thinking. He wants to raise our awareness to the fact that when we crave for certainty, an expert will often show up to provide it. But not...

/ June 17, 2016
What we can learn from birds about ourselves
MNTHA: Fluidity


Project MNTHA started recently – summer of 2014 – when Marija Mickeviča accidentally started experimenting with production and electronic music. This led her to the National finals of Eurovision. In 2016, new music is still being written, the debut album...

/ June 17, 2016
Teaching science: we're doing it wrong

Teaching science: we’re doing it wrong

The world needs scientists and engineers more than ever, but our approach to raising them is backwards and ineffective. Drawing on his research and experience, high school physics teacher Danny Doucette challenges us to reimagine school science. As a physics...

/ June 17, 2016
The dawn of the virtual reality in architecture
3D printing your own hand: How AI empowers mass customization