Month: June 2017

Can cute kittens save the news? | Inga Spriņģe | TEDxRiga

Can cute kittens save the news?

Over the last decade the life of traditional newspapers and news publishers has become increasingly challenging. It is more and more harder to attract and keep the reader's attention, and convince them to spend some money on it. The leader...

Sarcasm is ruining my life: Mike Collier at TEDxRiga

Sarcasm is ruining my life

Irony can be intelligent, perceptive and witty. Sarcasm rarely is. If you have caught a malarial sarcasm, how can it be treated? There may be no cure, but in this talk, there are a few suggestions on how we can...

TEDxRiga stage

TEDxRiga 2017 has concluded

TEDxRiga 2017 took place on Friday, June 16 at Splendid Palace in Riga, Latvia. Learn more about the event at