Instruments can open a world of opportunity for creative expression. And when that instrument is a synthesizer, that opportunity becomes nearly limitless. What does it take to open the floodgates of creative exploration? In the mind of Girts Ozolins, it takes making musical instruments more accessible to the masses.

Girts’ interest in electronics, electronic music and synthesizers developed when he was only twelve years old. Now he is a founder of Erica Synths, a successful company that develops, manufactures, and exports electronic music instruments. They are used by thousands of people around the world — some worth mentioning include Martin Gore from the English electronic band Depeche Mode and the famous German composer Hans Zimmer.
Erica Synths’ main export products are modular synthesizers — they’re played in every corner of the world, covering every continent except Antarctica.
Girts strongly believes that electronic music technologies are the best combination of creativity and engineering.

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