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Corporate slides have no place in a modern organization Kristaps Pētersons

Corporate slides have no place in a modern organization | Kristaps Pētersons

Corporate presentations and spam mail belong in the same category. There may not be an equal to this time-wasting task of creating meaningless corporate slides. Storytelling technologies and modern methods allow us to keep meeting times down to a minimum,...


How to fuel the economic engine of a brain drain-affected country | Christopher Leake

Frustration is high in communities where brain drain has lead to depopulation, an inability to support rural education institutions, and ultimately, to an efficiency gap when compared to urban schools. Without an easy solution in sight, politicians become the target...

Who paid for your news today? | Nellija Ločmele

Who paid for your news today? | Nellija Ločmele

Imagine losing half of your blood — could you survive? As the drain of advertising money threatens journalism worldwide, it becomes crucial for media users to seriously consider the saying “you get what you pay for”. The vanishing of free...

Dialogue as partnership: Lena Hercberga at TEDxRiga

Dialogue as partnership

Lena addresses people within corporations, social entrepreneurs to open up for a dialogue. She insists that building cross-sector social innovation is the only way to build a strong world. What can we learn from the changing relationship between the big...

Chutzpah: Jonathan Howard at TEDxRiga

The art of chutzpah: what blocks us from creative thinking?

Chutzpah is defined as behavior, or a person attitude, that is rude or shocking but so confident that people may feel forced to admire it. At least this is how Oxford English Dictionary frames it. But chutzpah as many other...

Heidi Reinson

Decisive details: can we predict others’ decisions?

Heidi’s mission is to combine the two distinct research areas – marketing and cognitive science – in the most practical way. At TNS, Heidi has conducted neuromarketing studies and consumer behavior experiments, as well as spoken at seminars and conferences...


Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Baiba Rubesa's life long guiding star is putting Latvia and Latvians in a global context. She is an experienced and inspiring manager and communicator with a range of business experience from oil and gas, retail, automotive and telecommunications.

Architecting a Shoe: Elīna Dobele

Architecting a Shoe

Latvian literary legend Rainis once wrote: “That will remain, what will change”, and Elīna Dobele is a living example how with persistence one can make a successful debut in a seemingly unfamiliar field. Elīna Dobele trained as an architect, but...