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Dai citas meitas

“Dai citas meitas” (“Let the other maidens”) is based on an ancient Latvian folk song. The six Latvian girls who form the group Tautumeitas, use their six voices and six pairs of hands to create music, because they believe that...

/ June 16, 2017
Can cute kittens save the news? | Inga Spriņģe | TEDxRiga

Can cute kittens save the news?

Over the last decade the life of traditional newspapers and news publishers has become increasingly challenging. It is more and more harder to attract and keep the reader's attention, and convince them to spend some money on it. The leader...

/ June 16, 2017
Sarcasm is ruining my life: Mike Collier at TEDxRiga

Sarcasm is ruining my life

Irony can be intelligent, perceptive and witty. Sarcasm rarely is. If you have caught a malarial sarcasm, how can it be treated? There may be no cure, but in this talk, there are a few suggestions on how we can...

/ June 16, 2017
Mārtiņš Otikovs: Decrypting the Puzzle of Spider Silk

Decrypting the Puzzle of Spider Silk

Don’t judge the book from the cover, so the saying goes. That’s definitely the case with spiders, whose webs are made of spider silk, a material with amazing mechanical properties. So common in nature, and, as it turns out, so...

/ June 17, 2016
Bring back the magic: How you can help reinvent the cinema experience

Bring back the magic: How you can help reinvent the cinema experience

Do you ever feel like the cinema experience is not what it used to be? You are not alone. After years of experience in marketing and media, fueled by a passion for cinema as a storytelling medium and encouraged by...

/ June 17, 2016
Stereotyping gender — how is this still a thing? Linda Curika at TEDxRiga

Stereotyping gender — how is this still a thing?

Gender stereotypes in media are capable of driving a sane person insane; yet still they persist. Is fighting stereotypes head-on hopeless? Linda is one of the first and most recognizable Latvian feminists. For more than 10 years she has observed...

/ June 17, 2016
Dialogue as partnership: Lena Hercberga at TEDxRiga

Dialogue as partnership

Lena addresses people within corporations, social entrepreneurs to open up for a dialogue. She insists that building cross-sector social innovation is the only way to build a strong world. What can we learn from the changing relationship between the big...

/ June 17, 2016
Would you be ready to host a refugee?
The Missing Link
Maria Golubeva @ TEDxRiga

Two Lessons from Late Medieval Politics

Mass culture tells us that medieval political life was somewhat like ‘Game of Thrones’ – kings and dynasties fiercely fighting each other for power. This image is rather far from the complexities of late medieval politics, where institutions played at...

/ June 17, 2016