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Girts Ozolins Noise explorer

Building music. Cable by cable. | Ģirts Ozoliņš

Instruments can open a world of opportunity for creative expression. And when that instrument is a synthesizer, that opportunity becomes nearly limitless. What does it take to open the floodgates of creative exploration? In the mind of Girts Ozolins, it...

Girts Rozenfelds Photographer

Professional photography — a career on track for extinction? | Gatis Rozenfelds

It seems that photographers are simply becoming glorified tripods. Or are they? As cameras become increasingly smart, it begs the question — what, then, is the use of the person standing behind it? Focus and exposure are already automated, and...

Technology's impact on our mind - and why we should care | Jānis Sārts

Technology’s impact on our mind – and why we should care | Janis Sarts

In a life of heightened information access and lowered attention spans, we find ourselves reading more headlines, but processing fewer facts. The result — an epidemic of anxiety. How are cognitive biases affecting our perception of reality? And are we...


How to overcome fear? Tips from the world’s first drone jumper | Ingus Augstkalns

In his talk, Ingus Augstkalns speaks about his journey into BASE jumping, his method of overcoming fear, and his drone jump project that put him into the world’s spotlight as the first human to perform a parachute jump from a...

Artificial intelligence is here: but with caveats | Juris Puce |

Artificial intelligence is here: but with caveats

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are often heralded as one of the game changers of modern day industries. Yet for all the hype, some significant caveats are not taken into account. As an AI field practitioner, Juris Pūce shares several...

Transcending instincts: crowdsourced data can fix your motivation | Agnis Stibe at TEDxRiga

Transcending instincts: crowdsourced data can fix your motivation

We often don’t have problems with defining our goals, but we have problems with getting there. Agnis shows us how socially influencing systems can help in transforming our lives. Improving our health and well-being, preferring eco-friendly choices will be so...

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Mārtiņš Zaumanis

How green asphalt roads will save you tax money

Mārtiņš Zaumanis is an asphalt researcher – member of a rare breed of professionals that rarely anyone has heard of. In his talk, Mārtiņš speaks about his belief: that asphalt can be fully recyclable and produced in environmentally friendlier way....