FAUX PAS is a symbiosis of contemporary dance and circus, with delicate metaphors about the private, unseen side of relations between two people. Just like the cyr wheel, which is masterfully used to excite the imagination, relationships are stories in constant motion — sometimes uncontrolled and almost frightening, other times graceful and in perfect harmony.

FAUX PAS translates from French as “a false step”, a behavior that’s considered audacious in society. In other words, a FAUX PAS is a form of expression that pushes the boundaries of social norms. It’s being yourself, regardless of everything. This is how you could describe FAUX PAS, the team of Latvian artists: expressive, passionate, bold. Their art is synergy between contemporary dance and circus. Vivid yet delicate metaphors in a story about two people and the private, invisible side of their relationship known only to those who experience it. Performers use different dance styles and techniques, and they recently introduce a Cyr wheel, which helps immerse spectators and tell their story even more dramatically.

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Posted by TEDxRiga