Mārtiņš Zaumanis is an asphalt researcher – member of a rare breed of professionals that rarely anyone has heard of. In his talk, Mārtiņš speaks about his belief: that asphalt can be fully recyclable and produced in environmentally friendlier way.

As a Fulbright scholar pursuing Ph.D in highway engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Massachusetts, Mārtiņš developed a doctoral dissertation on 100% recycling of asphalt pavements.

Mārtiņš has been a leader of multiple research projects, is a co-author of two books and has published more than 20 research articles, but is keen to apply the academic research in practical use. He is taking part of business incubator, and is involved in road construction industry – quality control, consulting, project management, asphalt mixture design and asphalt production.

Mārtiņš is also the winner of TEDxRiga Story Hunt 2015 — a contest that got him to the big stage at The Power of Small.

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