Goran Gora: Challenge Accepted
(Un)screw the Machines: Voldemārs Dūdums at TEDxRiga
Mārcis Auziņš at TEDxRiga

God does not play dice. Does he?

Do you find Quantum Physics interesting? Mārcis Auziņš is passionate about it. Find out why he loves it and why it should be interesting to you as well. A physicist and the Rector of Latvian University Marcis Auziņš is the...

/ June 14, 2012
Valdis Krebs: Ending up on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Ending up on the wrong side of the tracks

The name of American-Latvian Valdis Krebs is written into the global corporate network, where he has become an influential player by developing innovative social network analysis and visualisation method. Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies, Valdis was able to...

/ June 14, 2012
Daina Taimiņa: Crocheting hyperbolic planes

Crocheting adventures with hyperbolic planes

A mathematician, artist and lecturer at the Cornell University, USA, Daina Taimiņa one day picked up a crochet hook, bright crochets and visualized apparently very complicated mathematical concepts that prior to Daina’s artwork were only understood by highly experienced mathematicians....

/ June 14, 2012

TEDxRiga T-Shirts are here!

The beautifully designed TEDxRiga T-shirts are now available for purchase! Made by the customized T-shirt workshop Uzvelc Kreklu, the TEDxRiga collection is sure to be a hit among the local community. TEDxRiga 2012 will always be remembered as the first-ever...

/ June 13, 2012

All speakers unveiled

We are thrilled to unveil the last four speakers today, which makes the TEDxRiga 2012: The Art Of Doing lineup complete. Talk descriptions are also updated, as well as the order in which the speakers will appear on Thursday. Please...

/ June 12, 2012

TEDxRiga 2012 starting times

The starting times of TEDxRiga 2012: The Art Of Doing, which will take place next Thursday, June 14 at Latvian National Opera’s New Hall are the following: [infobox] Registration: 9:00 Start: 9:30 [/infobox] The conference will last all day and...

/ June 8, 2012

5 more speakers announced

We are happy to unveil 5 more speakers today! Those who follow us on Twitter had a chance to get some fresh inside scoop on the speakers’ names and topics of the upcoming talks. So here it goes: Joining for...

/ June 1, 2012

Registration for TEDxRiga 2012 is now open

The day has come! We have officially opened the registration for the main event – TEDxRiga 2012: The Art Of Doing. You are very welcome to apply at tedxriga.com/attend. Please mind that the filled form alone does not guarantee you...

/ May 30, 2012