It is often said that public speaking — the ability to communicate ideas clearly for a larger audience — is a skill for extroverts. However, introverts will often have ideas and visions that they need to share with the world as well. We would all benefit from more introverts taking up public speaking. After all, they do control a large part of modern-day society – technology, that is.

This talk by Davis Golds explores why introverts should look to public speaking as a means of communicating their message and how everyone, including extroverts, can help them do it.

A member of Toastmasters International, the largest public speaking organization in the world, Davis is currently the European public speaking champion and Vice‑president of Public Relations for the Riga Toastmasters Club.

Ever since childhood, Davis has been obsessed with creative writing and story‑telling. As a teenager, he took up public speaking as a way to express himself and share his stories. Despite his continuing stage fright, he has fallen in love with presenting in public.

Davis believes that Latvians’ rich story‑telling traditions have been somewhat overlooked when compared to their folk songs and dances. His goal is to encourage as many people as possible to tell their stories and break the stereotype that Latvians are quiet and reserved people.

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