The day has come! We have officially opened the registration for the main event – TEDxRiga 2012: The Art Of Doing.

You are very welcome to apply at

Please mind that the filled form alone does not guarantee you the accept for attendance. We are going to review all applications over the coming weeks and will contact chosen applicants with invitations to register and purchase a ticket. Ticket price will be Ls 50 per person.

The criteria based on which we will chose the attendants, are the ones you fill in the form. Basically, it’s everything about you, your work or your passion – and your possible contribution with added value to the TEDxRiga community.

We are happy to welcome a wide variety of leading thinkers and creators from all fields of endeavor to TEDxRiga. Please take into consideration that only a limited number of tickets is available.

So what are you waiting for?

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