What happens when musicians playing ambience music break out of the traditional concert venues and the scientists bring their fascinating knowledge to the public?

The beneficiaries of this idea are the audience who are privileged to experience a form of music which seeks to include the natural surroundings as one of its players – through lights, sounds and the public’s deeper understanding and appreciation created through this event.

Silvija Nora Kalniņš and Ingus Ulmanis, two of the three co-authors of the Dabas koncertzāle (Nature Concert Hall) share their concept on the stage of TEDxRiga — Silvija with the talk, Ingus with the vocal performance and Kaspars Tobis on the keyboards.

Nature Concert Hall has evolved from the year 2006 to stand for a concert conducted in the open-air to bring people closer to the understanding of that nature, its inhabitants and how to care for it.


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