Doesn’t that feel better? Physical therapist and former dancer Aija Paegle takes us through the physical and mental impact of the humble breath. How it can unobtrusively carry you through your day, or do the heavy lifting when going through difficult times. Either way, without taking a breath, you can’t get anything done. So, when in doubt, stop and take a breath.

Aija is a physical therapist, educator, and former dancer. She received her BA in Dance and Political Science from the Univ. of Calif. Santa Barbara but centered her dance career in New York City with tours to Japan and Korea, culminating with teaching and choreographing in Latvia. Aija returned to New York for her Masters in Physical Therapy from Hunter College, and currently practices at the Hospital for Special Surgery. She has specialized in the therapeutic application of Pilates, which helps patients to recover a healthy movement experience. She has presented her work nationally for the American Physical Therapy Assoc. and taught at Columbia University. Aija sees the body as an instrument — to communicate, to work, and to learn about yourself and the world around you. Aija is happy to be back in Latvia to share that learning about breathing, and specifically the muscle of breathing, is like discovering you possess a hidden power, which can help you to control, focus, and heal.

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