You guessed it, we are taking it out to the streets again — to hunt for the amazing stories and ideas worth spreading!

Do you have a story? Want the world to hear it? Now you have the opportunity!

The goal of any TEDx conference, which is independently organised by TED community activists, is always to popularise TED ideas. At TEDxRiga, we are all about the broader scope — we look forward to engage larger listener and speaker audience in implementing the world-changing ideas and making them work.

TEDxRiga allows professionals with connection to Latvia to tell about their passion, and those interested in science and education development to explore and get to know each other.

This year, we’re launching the Story Hunt in cooperation with TVNET — where all the submitted and accepted stories will be published. TEDxRiga jury will define the author of the best story, which will be granted the unique opportunity to tell his or her story at the main stage of TEDxRiga 2015 this Summer.

Fan voting will also be allowed during the Story Hunt. Each TVNET visitor will be allowed to vote for their favourite story.

The first three leading vote-getters will also be granted free admission to TEDxRiga 2015.

The idea of your story can be both local and global, simple or complicated, serious or funny — the main condition is that it’s worth spreading. You can also submit a story about other person, which you think has an idea worth sharing.

Submission rules

  • Email your video story to with the subject “TEDxRiga Story Hunt”
  • Video should be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo
  • Video should NOT be longer than 3 minutes
  • Video aspect ratio should be 16:9
  • The content of the video should not be unethical and should not violate Latvian National normative acts
  • First submitted videos will be published on TVNET starting with Week 12 of 2015
  • The submission period is from March 12 to April 8 April 15, 2015
  • Fan voting will start after the submission period, when all submitted and accepted videos will be published
  • The duration of fan voting will be 2 weeks

Winner definition

TEDxRiga jury will judge the submitted talks according to the following conditions:

  • Authors of the best three stories will be chosen from submitted works — and they will advance to the Story Hunt Finale
  • In the Finale, a story can be presented by utilising the best TED talk practice, but it can not exceed 8 minutes
  • The winner of the Finale and author of the best story will be defined by jury, which will consist of represantatives of TEDxRiga team, Lattelecom, US Embassy in Riga and Stockholm School of Economics in Riga
  • The jury will judge the submitted works by each story’s uniqueness, idea, specificity and author’s presentation skills

Watch the two talks that made it last and previous years for inspiration..

And get the camera rolling!

View the official TEDxRiga Story Hunt regulation in Latvian (PDF).

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