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Technology's impact on our mind - and why we should care | Jānis Sārts

Technology’s impact on our mind – and why we should care | Janis Sarts

In a life of heightened information access and lowered attention spans, we find ourselves reading more headlines, but processing fewer facts. The result — an epidemic of anxiety. How are cognitive biases affecting our perception of reality? And are we...

Dialogue as partnership: Lena Hercberga at TEDxRiga

Dialogue as partnership

Lena addresses people within corporations, social entrepreneurs to open up for a dialogue. She insists that building cross-sector social innovation is the only way to build a strong world. What can we learn from the changing relationship between the big...

Valdis Krebs: Ending up on the Wrong Side of the Tracks

Ending up on the wrong side of the tracks

The name of American-Latvian Valdis Krebs is written into the global corporate network, where he has become an influential player by developing innovative social network analysis and visualisation method. Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies, Valdis was able to...