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Trust – the underrated element of getting things done | Jānis Erts

When so much in life is unpredictable, the most direct approach to personal and societal well-being is to foster trust. Trust is a habit, and like all habits, must be trained. And the best teachers? Children. Civic activist Jānis Erts...

The triumph of the human spirit – repairing bonds in a broken world | Mark Rittenberg

The most beautiful outcome is the triumph of the human spirit. This is something that Mark Rittenberg has witnessed over his lifetime in difficult situations, from the assassination of a president to the mediation of the Middle East peace process....

If you thought politics is a circus, think again Mara Pavula

If you thought politics is a circus, think again | Māra Pāvula

Would you say that sometimes political processes can become…a circus? Consider this the next time you want to use this metaphor – in reality, the circus is a tight-knit community of hardworking individuals with a deep trust in one another....


The battle for hearts and minds: studying Russia’s influence in Latvia | Martins Hirss

Is Russia winning the so-called information war? Russia’s state-owned media produces high-quality propaganda. Russia invests money in pro-Russia organizations and radicals abroad. But is it working? Are people influenced by Russia’s propaganda? Is Latgale the next Crimea? In fact, the...

Would you be ready to host a refugee?

Would you be ready to host a refugee?

What questions do you ask yourself after seeing the news about sinking boats full of refugees at the doorsteps of Europe? Egils Grasmanis and his wife asked themselves if they would be ready to host a refugee. Would you?

What we can learn from birds about ourselves
When rebelling is justified

When rebelling is justified

Do you participate and take action when the city needs you? Dāvis Kaņepe tells his story about the importance of “unlocking” the doors that get closed in front of you. Dāvis Kaņepe is a well-known culture activist and film director,...