TEDxRiga 2013

It is common belief that all matter is based on four elements – Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. All together or one at a time, they perform vital tasks in nature and in our very own bodies and minds. And we seek for their help whenever we want to bring about our ideas and reach big goals, choosing our closest and most powerful elements.

Which of the four elements keeps you going? Watch the videos below and find out.

TEDxRiga 2013 took place June 13, 2013 at Splendid Palace in Riga, Latvia. We had 20+ Latvian and foreign speakers talking, and as always each session was accompanied with an artistic performance. Learn more about the sessions below:

You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been. Our traditions along with the code of existence encrypted in our every cell wil be the essential stepping stones in our way towards a new goal.

Gather strength from your roots! Fast and determined is the flow of the brook towards the river. Calm and steady are the currents that carry the river into the eternal waters of the ocean. Only through movement one can evolve, and only in persistence there is true success.

Stop at nothing! In the beginning, there is an idea – what if…? A thought which comes to life the instant it is released, breathing and growing on its own. There is no progress without an idea, same way as there is no life without air.

Give in to the flight of thought! The flames of fire are always heading upwards just like the zeal that drives us towards the fulfilment of our boldest dreams. When our faith is blazing and all doubts have vanished, there is no mountain too high for us.

Burn for the idea!