TEDxRiga 2015

When we hear the word “small”, it brings up a network of associated concepts. Among those concepts you will definitely find “weak” and “unimportant”. The title of TEDxRiga 2015 conference, “The Power of Small” aims to show that these associations are cognitive illusion that deserves more serious analysis.

In this world, where every human is connected to everybody else, where the news about events happening on one side of the globe reaches the other side before the planet makes a turn, and where the goods move in every possible direction, it is exactly the small that triggers the big change.

Everything that is big and serious has small beginnings. What happens at the microscopic level causes macroscopic effects.

In chaotic system, minuscule change leads to unpredictable results. And, what’s far away, seems small and irrelevant in our minds. The climate change? Pandemic? Those are not relevant, those are “small”.

By reminding you about the power of small, we want to add to your network of associations some new concepts: “noticeable”, “important”, “influential”.