Audiovisual production tools and a potential global audience are available to anyone with a web-connected device. But many creators still struggle with presenting their content effectively, especially on YouTube. Alan Melikdjanian proposes a way of thinking about video projects that consistently leads to great videos with high levels of audience engagement, regardless of topic, genre or level of technical skill.

With the dual blades of visual creativity and offbeat humor, Alan Melikdjanian has been successfully defending his place on the pedestal of web video relevance for over a decade. As a filmmaker, visual effects artist, writer and performer, Alan Melikdjanian has produced many videos explaining hoaxes and illusions on YouTube. Through his online persona of a ragtag, sarcastic superhero Captain Disillusion, he focuses on illustrating abstract technical concepts in an entertaining way, while also satirizing pop culture and social media. His methodical approach to creating polished work in a medium not usually associated with finely crafted content has proven effective over over a decade, as his YouTube channel continues to grow.

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