No matter how rational we may try to be, emotions and feelings lie behind every decision we make. In today’s world of analytics and data-driven decision-making, however, we often fail to take into account the impact our feelings have on the decisions we make, often to our own detriment. Aleksander Tõnnisson is used to making big investment decisions based on significant due diligence, but in this talk he lays out some decisions, big and small, that led him to realize the need for another kind of due diligence – emotional.

Aleksander has always been involved in the tech, IT, and startup scene. He is currently a venture partner in .Cocoon, which is a startup de-acceleration program that focuses on startup founders’ personal development instead of the company’s. He is also managing partner in the Buildit Seed Fund for IoT and co-founder of the Buildit Hardware Accelerator, the first startup accelerator in Northern and Eastern Europe investing in hardware startups. He has invested in 60+ hardware companies with founders from 17 countries. He previously developed hardware and software solutions for the German navy fight and transportation helicopter and airplane simulators as well as air traffic control simulators for the German Air Forces.

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