When so much in life is unpredictable, the most direct approach to personal and societal well-being is to foster trust. Trust is a habit, and like all habits, must be trained. And the best teachers? Children. Civic activist Jānis Erts outlines how we as individuals can become better at trusting, how to learn from kids, and how we can use it to move the dial in difficult situations.

While marketing may be Jānis’ profession, helping people is his passion. Jānis is one of the partners of the Marketing Academy company and previously worked at the Inspired marketing agency and Latvian Radio, where he gained experience and knowledge in marketing and, more importantly, started the charity marathon Dod Pieci in 2014. Currently, he is the strategic director of the PLECS fund, an organization working to eliminate orphanages and ensure that every child in Latvia can grow up in a family setting. Janis is a strategic partner at Iespējamā Misija (Mission Possible), a part of the Teach for All network, helping implement a new approach to preparing teachers. Jānis is also the co-creator of the Mana Balss (My Voice) initiative, a civic organization that provides the citizens of Latvia a platform to promote initiatives, and ultimately have them discussed in parliament.

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