Are you willing to wait for someone to spark curiosity in the children in your life? There are many great teachers, but for many children, the science classroom isn’t cutting it. But it doesn’t have to take much to turn your world into a laboratory and develop passion for exploration. In fact, it may only take a quick trip to your cupboard.

Martin’s main aim is to make science attractive and interesting not only for scientists but for all society groups, especially for children. Therefore, after receiving Master’s degree in Chemistry and gaining practical experience while working as teacher in school, he founded his own science school Laboratorium, where he is teaching children to understand different processes and interdependencies surrounding us, through various physics and chemistry experiments. He strives to create positive image, love to science and to build strong grounds for continues interest in science for everyone from young age. In addition, Martins prepares and offers different entertaining science show programs to perform in events.

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