Imagine losing half of your blood — could you survive? As the drain of advertising money threatens journalism worldwide, it becomes crucial for media users to seriously consider the saying “you get what you pay for”. The vanishing of free media could very well lead to a full-fledged national catastrophe.

Nellija Locmele is an outstanding Latvian journalist and editor. A founder and editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine IR, she is a former political journalist and former editor-in-chief at some of the biggest Latvian newspapers of the past decades.

Having started her career in the 1990s, Nellija has made crucial contributions to both the journalist community, as well as society at large, by standing up for independent journalism and breaking stories on corruption at the highest levels of government. Known for her unwavering integrity and relentless fight for the truth, Nellija knows first-hand that quality journalism is essential for a country’s future.

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