Together, we become far more than the sum total of our individual selves.
Together, we build on each other’s success to collectively reach our peak of potential.
Together, we pool our talents to create something far greater than individually possible.

In 2019, the TEDxRiga conference showcased the power of together. A sentiment strengthened when observing the exorbitant amount of talent around us, and acknowledging that in this fast-paced, ambition-driven world, great things do not happen alone. Here’s a glimpse of what our TEDxRiga 2019 looked like with speakers and team members sharing their views, thoughts and experiences.

Speakers did a fabulous job in sharing their ideas worth spreading while the team pulled together an amazing event worth being part of. Our sincere and heartfelt gratitude goes out to the volunteers for their input, expertise, valued support and personal encouragement. We also say a huge ‘Thank you’ to the supporters, suppliers, contractors, contributors and partners who have provided us with their funds, expertise, time and support in making TEDxRiga 2019 a reality.

Shot, edited and directed by: Mārcis Birste
Additional camera: Roberts Pogozelskis
Interviews by: Linda Sleja

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