In a conversation where the goal is to “win”, one emerges victorious, while the other – a loser. This game of right and wrong is a lose-lose situation, and has massive repercussions on the world we live in. Our ability to talk about issues is what defines our society’s resilience and democracy – Ieva Morica describes how she built a space for better conversations to improve the world we live in.

Ieva is the head of DOTS, the Foundation for an Open Society, best known for the annual Conversation Festival LAMPA, in Latvia. Ieva is an advocate for open dialogue. For almost two decades, Ieva has been working to promote democracy, social entrepreneurship and inclusion. In recent years, she has organized and facilitated honest conversations at the LAMPA open-air festival. In 2018, the LAMPA festival brought together more than 16,000 people with a wide range of interests and opinions from all walks of life.

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