The TED Open Translation Project was launched in 2009 with the purpose of spreading TED ideas globally by reaching out to non-English speaking communities and also people with hearing impairment. In this project TED provides approved English subtitles to a great number of TED talks and offers volunteer translators all around the world to translate these subtitles into more than 120 different languages.

Languages with the most translated talks

At the moment with the help of almost 9000 volunteers the number of translations has reached almost 34 000 with several thousand translations still in progress. Some of the most popular talks have even been translated into 60 different languages. Take a look what motivates people all over the world to dedicate their time and knowledge to participate in this project in the video below:

For quite some time now volunteer translators from Latvia have also been working towards spreading TED ideas in Latvia. Until today more than 80 people have gotten involved and with their shared effort they have managed to provide Latvian subtitles for more than 230 TED talks. Here are some of the most viewed TED talks that have been translated into Latvian:




Anyone can become a volunteer TED translator – even you! You do not need a formal diploma certifying your knowledge of language, all you need are good language skills and the desire to participate.

Become a TED translator and maybe quite soon you will be able to show everyone a TED talk with your own subtitles!

Any questions regarding the TED Open Translation Project can be sent via e-mail to the Latvian Language Coordinator Katrīna at

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