Have you ever got stuck on a certain noise? A crackling sound in your attic? Raindrops bouncing of a window sill in a very rhythmic way? Two wooden logs struck against each other, creating a beautiful tone? Miķelis Putniņš is not an educated musician, rather an attentive listener of the outside world, finding inspiration in unusual places. He shares his approach to music in his talk.

Miķelis, who was born in a family of musicians, is a singer, guitarist and composer. Although Miķelis holds a BSc degree in Economics from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, about a year ago he decided to devote his time completely to following his passion — music. His main musical project is EZERI — an independent music group which has caught the attention of critics, musicians and listeners alike. EZERI is an ever‑evolving project based in Riga. The music does not follow any particular formula — each track is different in form and harmony, influenced by a variety of genres. Last year, Miķelis too EZERI on a solo tour of Italy, where songs were stripped to their very core – keeping only guitar and voice. Since then has grown into a trio, which includes drummer Krišjānis Bremšs and bassist Kristians Priekulis. EZERI focusses on creating works that explore the wild side of pop music, giving the listener a sonic space to inhabit and explore.

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