You know that feeling when it seems that everything is just a bit too much? This piece was created when PRAGAII were at a low place, and what helped them get out of that funk was – work. Day by day, step by step, onward is often the best we can do for ourselves. The song is named after Bella, guitarist Aleksis’ dog, who was with them every step of the way and provided much-needed relief between bouts of work. The song also symbolizes the friendship between Aleksis and Kaspars, as well as with all of the individuals close to them, who make it easier to get out of bed and start your day.

“PRAGAII” is an experimental pop music project formed in 2015 by Aleksis Luriņš, ex-basist in Carnival Youth, and electronic music artist Kaspars Kubeckis aka “Kashuks”. Despite initially not seeing eye to eye, the two musicians were brought closer together by mutually experienced life challenges and music.

The duo oversees every component of their music making – from the first ideas, going through multiple creative sessions and technical corrections, even leveling out decibels at the end of the recording process. Their style is a mix of both musicians’ individual musical preferences and experiences, brought together by a joint love of sound engineering and producing intriguing and yet unheard style of music. Their first album, “Sorry, Can’t Talk Right Now” was released in November of 2019.

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