Chutzpah is defined as behavior, or a person attitude, that is rude or shocking but so confident that people may feel forced to admire it. At least this is how Oxford English Dictionary frames it.

But chutzpah as many other things in life has two sides of the coin. It can be much more than its negative definition. Jonathan Howard argues, that by mastering your own chutzpah, everyone can become more creative. Jonathan’s never-ending thirst to know is to solve the creativity puzzle by answering questions about how human beings can unleash their creativity. And his original way of thinking about it and cultivating chutzpah is a powerful way to think about inner boundaries that block our creativity.

Jonathan is an advertising consultant, startup mentor, and improvisational theater teacher. Starting his career at Saatchi & Saatchi in London as a strategic planner, Jonathan’s career has moved through the worlds of theater, TV, startups, politics and renewable energy. He works with many different kinds of groups, from politicians to young offenders, to help them open up their imagination and solve problems in original, unexpected ways. He created the world’s first live, interactive TV drama for the BBC, and has worked on many award-winning advertising campaigns. He is certain that everyone can be creative and people can unlock their creative energy step by step practicing simple but powerful methods every day. Jonathan believes that creativity is a tool that when used wisely can solve some of the world’s biggest problems.

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