Corporate presentations and spam mail belong in the same category. There may not be an equal to this time-wasting task of creating meaningless corporate slides. Storytelling technologies and modern methods allow us to keep meeting times down to a minimum, yet come out with a clear vision. Those who dare to apply these trends will be the first to win the race of productivity and make their corporate environment one that employees will actually want to be in.

Kristaps’ passion lies at the very bottom of the sea of presentations. For the last 20 years, he has been known for his eloquence and sheer devotion to the media world and the power of words. Kristaps has worked as a correspondent, producer, host, and journalist. For the last 8 years, Kristaps has been focused on his biggest passion — how to win over hearts and minds by delivering effective presentations. As a co-founder of the company Nimega, which helps businesses and governments to excel in the way they present their ideas, Kristaps and the team create immersing presentations, breathtaking pitches, and catchy messages for their clients. He teaches big companies, venturing start-ups and governments how to make their message unforgettable.

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