Calculating the benefit received versus the effort put in has become an automatic and subconscious process in considering any effort. And quite possibly restricts us from experiencing true joy. Filmmaker Andris Gauja describes how approaching a seemingly dead end with a playful approach opened the door to creative expression, and quite possibly has changed the lives of those involved.

Andris Gauja is a Latvian film director with an interesting ability for finding unusual subjects and characters. His films have been praised by audiences and critics alike, impressive in their ability to navigate uncomfortable ethical and social issues and relationships. Andris is well known for his documentary “Family Instinct”, a film about incest, which has received several prestigious awards and international recognition. Despite that, he decided to switch to fiction and directed the drama “The Lesson” on teacher-student relationship, which was the most watched Latvian film in 2014. This year the director finished a 5 year project, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now”, a visually stunning film dealing with crisis of masculinity, which has already received nine nominations for “Lielais Kristaps”, the Latvian National Film Awards.

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