For many of us, finding the balance between doing something that provides meaning and something that pays the bills seems out of reach. Whether it’s expectations about what is an acceptable career path, the desire to strike it rich or maybe even just the fear of blazing your own trail, meaning often takes a back seat to money. For Jānis Kreilis, that was the case for a long time too. Luckily (quite literally), he’s found his formula for surpassing this obstacle and finding a way to realize both money and meaning. As a social entrepreneur engaged in connecting experienced Latvian expat professionals with employers back home, Jānis is now working for a cause he believes in, helping others succeed and attracting successful people around him. Sounds like a win-win situation.

Jānis Kreilis is the founder and manager of Your Move, a job platform helping attract global talent to Latvia. He’s also the founder of “Ar pasaules pieredzi Latvijā” (With Global Experience in Latvia), a community for re-emigrants and expats living in Latvia. While born and raised in Riga, Jānis himself is a re-emigrant having spent about a third of his life abroad. He has studied in the US, earning his bachelor’s degree with highest distinction at the University of Pennsylvania and master’s degree at Columbia University, and worked in West Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia in the energy industry. Since returning home in 2016, he’s been focusing his own energy on dispelling myths about Latvia as a great place to live and work, and he believes in entrepreneurship as a sustainable way to change things.

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