We are proud to unveil the first part of the TEDxRiga 2012 program that will take place on June 14, 2012 in Riga.

The names of opening four sessions are now available on the Program page, and are as follows:

I Science for life

II Creativity beats the Capital

III The power of diversity

IV From generation to generation

The speakers will include Valdis Krebs, Mārcis Auziņš, Viesturs Sosārs, Daniels Pavļuts and Gustavs Butelis. Please find an up-to-date list of confirmed TEDxRiga 2012 live speakers on the Speakers page.

We will unveil the upcoming sessions soon, so make sure to follow our updates!

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  1. Session descriptions are also added, so feel free surf through – http://tedxriga.com/program/

  2. Great! I really look forward to this. Looking at the program, I assume all talks will be in English. Is that correct?

  3. Thanks for your interest, Arjan! From the talks we have unveiled today, all but one are in English. Gustavs Butelis is going to speak in Latvian (Session IV, From generation to generation).

  4. I am sure it will be an amazing event,
    I will be in Lebanon though I will make sure to be watching it live with the TEDx Viewing team in Beirut, Lebanon
    Is there a streaming link already…

  5. Hey Roland! Thanks for being into it and willing to watch TEDxRiga live from abroad.

    There is no live stream link yet. We’ll be sure to post it when it becomes available.

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