Zero waste activist Laura Arnicāne was a chronic perfectionist whose quest for leading a truly zero waste lifestyle led to wasting away herself. Since then, she has found that striving for a less waste lifestyle, on the grand scale of waste management, is more sustainable for a longer period of time, and therefore, a better solution for the masses to have the desired environmental impact.

Feeling weighed down by the demands of life? There never seems to be enough money, time, or energy to go around. Laura Arnicāne suggests that it might be that these resources are being spent in the wrong places – on things that don’t make us happy. Laura is constantly exploring new ways to apply the fundamental principles of Zero Waste and Minimalism in life. Over the years she has gained a readership on her blog, Seek the Simple, where she shares her experiences, reflection, and, yes, sometimes failures in living a more environmentally conscious and less emotionally taxing lifestyle. Laura also shares her insights at lectures for companies and organizations that inspire people to seek a calmer, happier, greener lifestyle. For Laura, this means getting rid of all that is superfluous. Through hands-on exercise and personal examples, participants learn ways to get rid of the excess in their home, office and digital environments.

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