The make-up of any object reveals only one part of its secret. The rest – depends on the arrangement at the macro, micro and nano level.

Prof. Gross shows us how arrangement is essential for optimal performance – whether it’s the components of technical, life-improving products, or the details of the ingredients of your favourite summer treat. His passion for crystals brings us closer to breakthroughs in synthetic material development for bone implants.

Karlis Agris Gross is a materials engineer who has dedicated his career to the development of orthopaedic materials. His insight to the micro and nano scale cosmos allows him to consider how the arrangement of materials can improve performance – both of orthopaedic components and of gelato – his not-so-secret passion.

His inspiration comes from nature, which he has been able to observe first-hand, having completed his research over three continents; in Australia, where he first stumbled across the amorphous phase in coatings, in the USA, where he honed his knowledge through his PhD, and in Europe, where he developed an interest in ordered materials. He continues to lead his team to developing materials to strengthen and improve performance of prosthetics, as well as the lives of their beholders.

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Posted by Kārlis Agris Gross