An improvisation based on daina (a Latvian folk song) “the evening dusk”. Vocal by Asnate Rancāne, bass by Stanislav Yudin, who is also the author of this improvisation.

Stanislav is inspired by ethno music, Asnate — by improvisation. This is how these two musicians meet and understand how much they can give to each other. Compositions by Stanislav, knowledge of folklore by Asnate and the ability to improvise turns into very unique style of music. When improvising, they supplement each other with different special techniques.

Stanislav Yudin is known as the jazz and improvisation bass player. He often participates in projects of experimental music. Most recently he’s been composing and he came to realize that inspiration can be found in his homeland, only then the real music will be created.

Asnate Rancāne is the researcher of ethno music, she’s multi-instrumentalist and is managing a vocal folk group. She’s been very actively involved with folk music since she was a child and most recently her inspiration is in improvisation. The results of her improvising are very special as she’s using her knowledge from her experience with ethno music.

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Posted by Stanislav Yudin and Asnate Rancane

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