Pianist Rihards Plešanovs highlights the juxtaposition between the aggressive and the fragile, two opposing forces that weave themselves through daily life. One end of the spectrum is personified through an etude by György Ligeti, “L’escalier du diable” (The Devil’s Staircase) with its saturated richness, while the other end is brought to life through J.S. Bach’s “Sarabanda” from French suite no. 5, which manifests a translucent beauty. Together, the pieces paint a picture of a world where both must co-exist.

Rihards Plešanovs is an internationally acclaimed pianist. His extensive musical education includes graduating Sergejs Osokins’ Masters piano class at the Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy of Music, and interning at the Hanover Academy of Theatre and Music and the Moscow Conservatory with professor Mikhail Voskresensky. He has performed as a soloist around the world and collaborates with a wide variety and style of musicians and artists. In 2019 he performed with the Amsterdam Concertgebouw musicians – viola player Santa Vižine and clarinet player Henri Wiedijk. He has collaborated with vibrophonist Jānis Bombizo Fedotovs through creating a jazz program dedicated to Chick Corea, and with double bass player Oskars Bokanovs developed a baroque and romanticism program. His repertoir spans a variety of styles and genres, ranging from classical pieces from Mozart and List, to contemporary pieces by Messiaen and Ligeti. He is also frequently enlisted to perform debut performances by new composers.

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