Whether we like it or not, every one of us experiences a certain amount of untruthfulness throughout the day. White lies can seem innocent at face level, but when stacked upon more, we enter a society of untruths. Musician Ralfs Eilands has experience both extremes – the white lies, as well as falling victim to media headline clickbait. Here is his approach to leaving the bullshit behind.

Wherever there is a microphone or camera, you’re likely to find Ralfs, the self-taught Latvian musician, music producer, composer, TV & radio show host, entertainer and actor. With his band, PeR, Ralfs has performed the biggest festivals in the Baltics and many other performances across Europe. His band also represented Latvia in Eurovision 2013, and Ralfs has since been a member of Latvia’s and Lithuania’s international Eurovision juries.
As a solo artist, Ralfs has worked numerous times with Raimonds Pauls and composed music for TV shows, movies and other musicians. In 2014, he won the televised contest “Izklausies Redzēts” (Your Face Sounds Familiar) in Latvia and became one of the most admired artists in the country. Last year, you could see Ralfs on the big screen in Anderjs Ēķis’ new movie “Blēži” (Swindlers) in cinemas all around Latvia. Currently, Ralfs is touring with Latvian Radio’s big band and working with Re:Baltica as host of their investigative journalism show “Starp Citu” (By the Way). This year, Ralfs also won second prize at Romania’s popular song contest and awards, The Golden Slag Festival.

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