Despite living in arguably the best time in history, there is an increasing dissatisfaction in democracy. But why is that? If undemocratic societies become disillusioned because of the suppression of political speech, are democratic ones being worn down in the political echo chambers of social media? Our relationship with democracy needs to be more than just headlines and angry comments. Taking time to engage with our democratic system may seem difficult, but even a small act can go a long way in restoring some of this lost faith.

A true polymath, Mārtiņš is perhaps best known as a TV personality and a former host of one of the most popular morning television shows. However, this is just one aspect of his professional life. Mārtiņš is also a researcher in political science with particular interest in anthropological angle of politics. He is a PhD candidate and a lecturer at Riga Stradins University. Mārtiņš’ main fields of research are strategic and political communication, EU identity and sustainable development, as well as relations with China.

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