Miķelis Baštiks is a typical representative of the tech-savvy generation. Like many of us, his daily routine as a graphic designer is accompanied by a set of gadgets. But, he has stumbled upon the kind of wisdom that’s embraced by an older generation, and which has opened up a new page in his life.
In his talk, Miķelis shares with us, the lessons he learned when he put down his iPhone and picked up a spade.

Miķelis is a Latvian entrepreneur, designer and a co‑founder of Asketic Design Studio. With Miķelis at the helm, Asketic Design Studio has created and worked on the visual identity of many brands. Miķelis’s team’s care and love for their work has guaranteed the devotion of customers and respect from professionals in the field, as well as awards in a variety of design competitions and festivals.
To his own surprise, alongside his passion for letters and design, Miķelis has added research on gardening in recent years. As a result, he has published an ABC book for children which is made up of colourful and delicious items which can be grown right here in Latvia.

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Posted by Miķelis Baštiks