TEDxYouth@Riga is a TED-like experience, an event designed to inspire curiosity, ignite new ideas, and empower young leaders.

LOCATION: Soros Auditorium, SSE Riga


Ernests Jenavs
Ernests has spent several years in the UK, where he worked in management consulting. He is an ex-McKinsey strategy consultant, who has returned to Latvia. Last year he started a company, Edurio. It allows schools to collect feedback and carry out self- assessment. In his speech Ernests will elaborate on what feedback really is how it helps us grow personally and professionally.

Anna Andersone
Anna is good at both creative projects and dealing with numbers. She has worked in marketing, advertising, graphic and web design. She is also a start-up enthusiast, co-founder of the design start-up Froont and the co-working and meet-up space The Mill. She is also a mother of two daughters. In her speech Anna will share her ideas on seeking balance and why to do it.

Story Hunt launch
Start of the Story Hunt 2015. Anyone with an idea worth sharing can apply, and the winner will share his or her story at TEDxRiga 2015.

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