Have you ever stopped to think how your surroundings have made you who you are? And how by changing your environment, you can change your perspectives on life? Architect Ilze Paklone embarked on a journey of discovery, by first getting lost. From Riga to Tokyo, learning the lessons that Japanese architecture had to each about enjoying being in between, as well as making sure to always be looking outward.

Ilze believes that recognition comes to those who bravely act upon the opportunities presented by life, and her devotion to this statement is embodied by her own life. After graduating the Riga Technical University with a Doctor of Architecture degree, Ilze was offered the chance to go to Japan to conduct her PhD at The University of Tokyo. She moved to Japan and not only continued her research, but also focused on drawing attention to Latvian architecture. In 2016 as the guest editor of the “a+u” Japanese architecture magazine, she released the special edition No. 555 titled “Feature: Latvia – Architecture Unfolding”. She was also the co-author of the exhibition “Latvia. Architecture and Convergence”. These efforts eventually resulted in a Japanese delegation visiting Latvia to experience it first-hand. Now Ilze is back and working on the next-generation appearance of Riga.

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