How often have you seen your friends crying [but don’t include times when they have been under the influence of alcohol or drugs]? When was the last time you experienced true humanity? How can one possibly enjoy the open ocean for 142 days, yet stay in one’s comfort zone? Is there anything that allows us to believe in true miracles?

Kārlis Bardelis is an Adventure Improviser at “Bored of Borders”. His comfort zone is, without any doubt, the middle of an adventure.
Up to 60% of the human adult body is composed of water. Kārlis goes deep within himself to explore these waters. He truly believes, that there is an addiction in each of us that is connected to water.
His portfolio of adventures contains a 60 day and 6,247‑kilometre‑long ride on cross‑country roller skates from North Cape [Nordkapp], the furthest northern point of Europe, to the furthest southern point in Gibraltar (2013). Kārlis has participated in the “Pedal for no Medal” charity bicycle ride from Riga (Latvia) to Sochi (Russia), cycling 2,840 kilometres in 17 days in wintery conditions and raising more than EUR 8,000 towards the reconstruction of the Children’s Hospital in Riga (2014).
He has also crossed Finland on skis, following the Polar Circle for 250 km through a wilderness area (2014). In the summer of 2014, Kārlis participated in the “Baltic Way” charity cycling marathon, crossing the three Baltic states in 24 hours and covering 600 km. Check out “Bored of Borders” for more on Kārlis and his adventures.

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Posted by Kārlis Bardelis