If you have an idea worth spreading and a story to be told, enter our Story Hunt for a chance to speak on the stage at TEDxRiga 2019. Ideas are worth sharing so don’t keep yours under wraps. Together, we’ll make your idea heard!

What is your outlook on life and is there something significant you’ve noticed?
Are you working on something that might change and shape the future or maybe you have a vision that the rest of the world should hear?
Do you see a certain way things should be and you’ve already done the research on how it could work?
If you are a person who likes to think about the problems that engulf the world and you see a way on how to deal with them then maybe it’s time for your voice to be heard. Apply here: link.

The application process

  • To apply, submit a 3 minute video with your speech about the idea you think is worth sharing with the world.
  • Send it to us at from August 20 until September 9.
  • Videos are going to be made public on TVNET.
  • The jury will select their 4 favorite ideas, and a fifth participant will be chosen by popular vote
  • Wait for the results, which will be announced  September 13   
  • If you’re one of the lucky finalists, then start preparing your 8 min speech – you’ll be presenting it on stage in front of the jury.

Winner selection process

The TEDxRiga jury will evaluate the submitted talks according to the following conditions:

  • Authors of the best four stories will be chosen from submitted works — and they will advance to the Story Hunt Finale
  • One author of a story will be chosen by a public vote on TVNET and will also proceed to the Story Hunt Finale.
  • In the Finale, a story can be presented using TED talk best practices, but can not exceed 8 minutes
  • The winner of the Finale and author of the best story will be chosen by the jury, which will consist of representatives of the TEDxRiga team, TVNET, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, and the audience that will be at the event.
  • The jury will judge the submitted works by each story’s uniqueness, idea, specificity, and the author’s presentation skill.

Here you can find great resources to help you develop your idea before applying.

Helpful guidelines before applying

5 do’s and dont’s


  1. TEDx is a global concept, meaning the English language is preferred when making your speech. But you can speak in Latvian if that is easier for you.
  2. Talk freely about your idea but stay on topic: The best way to travel the length of your story is to focus on the driving force of the idea.
  3. You can tell a bit about yourself just to give more context to the reasons behind your idea. But keep in mind that your idea is what should be in the spotlight.
  4. The video with your idea can be filmed wherever just as long as the audio isn’t affected.
  5. Prepare before recording because preparation is the key to success


  1. Do not advertise a brand or a company you are working for. We are looking for captivating new ideas, not commercials.
  2. Do not exceed the 3min time limit. Keeping yourself in the given timeframe is important.
  3. Do not present an already existing concept or idea. Make sure that what you are presenting is original.
  4. Do not be afraid. If you think your idea is good, then let the world know about it! 
  5. Even if you are afraid, you are the one who has to present it. Other people won’t cut it.


Some of the characteristics we are seeking include:

Uniqueness: the idea you want to present to the audience has to be your own and it has to be unique. Be original and be yourself.

Credibility: we are looking for speakers who are committed to their idea and are knowledgeable on the topic. You don’t need to have a PhD,  have published a book, or be a world recognised public figure. But we do ask that you have spent time understanding, developing, and validating your ideas – this can be through your work, studies, research and/or lived experience.

Diversity: We are searching for voices that have been marginalised and underrepresented in our society. What really matters is your idea, so come and share it with us.

Creativity: A human being is special at being able to create things out of almost nothing. We are looking for people who are able to present their idea in a unique and audience captivating technique.


Mentorship: every TEDxRiga speaker undergoes a special training program to be able to present their idea on the main stage. The team of mentors, including speech and presentation coaches, will be there to help you shape your idea so it reaches the ears of your audience. The knowledge you’ll gain will be useful throughout the rest of your life.

Audience: you’ll have the chance to speak about your unique idea right in front of hundreds of people and to reach thousands through live streams and online views. If you want to spread your idea then this is the best place to start.

Opportunities: with you on the stage and with everyone listening to what you’re saying there is no telling what will come to you afterwards. You’ll get the chance to meet other interesting people and who knows – maybe even form professional or personal relationships with them.

Strength: it is not easy to undergo the preparations for the speech and it’s even harder to step into the spotlight. But when it’s all over you’ll see that there is more strength in you than you had ever imagined. Time to put it to good use!


Honesty: we are looking for people that are real and honest. We want to hear your original idea and your true emotions. That is what captivates the audience and it’s what helps ideas spread.

Commitment: the opportunity to speak at TEDxRiga is not something everyone gets. We expect you to take part in the training program and the rehearsals because that is an integral part of your speech in order to be as captivating as possible.

Passion: only with true passion can a person reach the goals he has set. We expect you to be truly excited about the opportunity to be a speaker at TEDxRiga because that will drive your message to the ears of people all around the world.

Read full Regulations of the Story Hunt in Latvian (PDF).

Good luck!

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