A journalist’s duty is to act as our eyes and ears out in the field, to convey to us the information they collected without distortion. But what if this puts the subjects of the report in danger? How can one choose between their journalistic duty and the safety of others? Do journalists have a responsibility to protect the subjects of their reporting?

There are places in this world where the answers to those questions are not as straightforward as the textbook on journalistic ethics would have you believe. In her talk, Olga Dragileva shares her experiences from her investigative work in Chechnya, a region in Russia that is suffering from human right violations and authoritarian governance.

Olga’s chosen profession from the time she first started working in 2009 has been journalism. She is currently an investigative journalist for a public television channel in Latvia and works on their weekly flagship program, De Fakto. Olga recently served as the Moscow correspondent, which included reporting on Chechnya and Crimea. In 2016, her reporting on Crimea received an award for excellence from the Latvian Association of Journalists. She is an outspoken critic of right‑wing nationalism and xenophobia.

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