Elza Volonte has an uncommon ability: sign language is her native tongue, though she is not deaf. Having been raised by deaf parents, Elza holds a unique perspective of being able to observe two worlds simultaneously: one, where listening is done with ears, and the other, where one listens with the eyes. Elza talks with her hands and does it ever so passionately.

Elza Volonte was born between two worlds — one that hears with the ears and the other which hears using hands. She represents a phenomenon called CODA — child of deaf adults and believes it is her mission to bridge the gap between two seemingly very different communities with different needs and to show how much they really have in common. She took her first steps as a sign language interpreter within her family. Later, she worked at the Latvian Association of the Deaf and now works at Latvian Television, interpreting cartoons for deaf children.

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Posted by Elza Volonte